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Before Toshinden 4 there was an OriginsEdit


Battle Arena Toshinden Origin

Developer(s) Ericard Production
Publisher(s) Ericard
Director(s) Eric Ong
Designer(s) Lavalit
Series Games
Engine BoR(Beat of Rage)
Platform(s) PC
Release date(s) JPN December, 2008USA January, 2009PAL March, 2009
Genre(s) Adventure fighting game
Mode(s) Players: 1-4
Rating(s) ESRB: Teen
System requirements Microsoft Window 98, 2000, XP and Vista

Battle Arena Toshinden Origin is another fan made game sequence from the adaptions after the tournament that Abel and Veil was defeated (Most of the Toshinden warriors were dead and retired after the Battle Arena Toshinden 3 Tournament) the remains of the undefeated warrior, Eiji Shinjo was the only person who can attempt to destroy the another new tournament who was led by another new organization: Cain Empire, Manji Clan, and Voltech Corp.

After the Abel and Veil was defeated from the past, another brothers of Abel and Veil was rise from the eternal slumber that cause him awake after the soul of Abel and Veil flow to his third brother's coffin. His name is Cain, and he will rise his new organization.

Although the last battle was difficult, only two warrior who survive from the escape, Eiji and Genma. But another two warrior couldn't survive from the final battle as the result, Oboro was died after take cover on Eiji during the assassination from the group of Adam-II and Zen was killed by Adam-II who was being betrayed for getting the reward.

The result of the battle is, will Eiji Shinjo return on the next tournament...

Corresponding characters are:Edit

Hero Team:Edit

Eiji ShinjoEdit

The warrior who survived from Toshinden 1 - 4, but his life were completely pains since there was most of the warriors who died from the past.

Genma(From Toshinden 4)Edit

An unknown pirate who eventually joins Eiji in his new quest.


Oboro was the Monk from the Sacred Shrine who has the ability to read the future and he was fate to join Eiji for the next Tournament.


A Strong and Shaman Chinese warriors who team up with Eiji for the great rewards after the he wins the Tournament.

Dark Team:Edit

Cain EmpireEdit


The oldest brother of abel and veil. and seeking revenge on eiji for killing his brothers


Cain's close friend, he is known as the priest of the darkness.

Ogre ChiefEdit

Cain's most trusted bodyguard. But a slow and lazy creature.


Clones of Sofia, created by Uranus and she was raised and trained from another family.


An unknown lady who was the crossover from his fans who worked with the NYPD from the past.

Imposter CopEdit

A man who work with Cain as the double agent by disguise in the police uniforms. Using his Walter P-33 guns to shoot his target.

Manji ClanEdit


The Leader of the Manji Clan, co-operate with Cain in order to gain control over the country.


Obsidian's young close nephew who joins the Manji Clan to be the next generation.


Kanzaki's potrait


Akira's best friend who kept their promise to be reunite and regroup in their next clan.


Hayato's potrait


A man who unveiled his faces and the massengers of his leader, Obsidian. After Obsidian is defeated, he join forces with Cain and sacrifice his final attack.


Ishihara's potrait


Ishihara is the niece of his Uncle Obsidian, she takes revenge from his blood family after his Uncle Obsidian was killed in action.

Voltech CorpEdit


Adam-II is the descendant memory machines from the Adam(Toshinden3) With his different models such as

  • Type-X = The first remodeled with AI memories that created by Dr.Marques Igor
  • Type-A = Air type, hover and crushes target with its heavy weapons
  • Type-G = Ground type, crawling and attack targets with deadly claws
  • Type-L = Laser type, floats and fires beam on the targets
  • Type-C = Car type, crush his enemies with its driving speed
  • MK-II = Highly programmed with all his ability to control the group of Adam-II
  • EX = The failure project from AI memories, can only gain control on its own with the descendant human memories of Adam(Toshinden3)


An unknown spirit that summoned by Nyalathotep in order to crush the enemies in his command.

  • Shadow Eiji

Black appearance from Eiji Shinjo

  • Shadow Genma

Black appearance from Genma

  • Shadow Oboro

Black appearance from Oboro

  • Shadow Zen

Black appearance from Zen

Toshinden Origin AreaEdit

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