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Akihi Motoyama (本山 明燮) is a sound designer affiliated with Tamsoft. His first work in the series was for Toshinden URA and specialized in the sound effects of the later games. He, along with Mutsumi Ishimura, have gone on to contribute to the Onechanbara and Senran Kagura series of games (among others).

Production HistoryEdit

  • Battle Arena Toshinden URA (1996) -- Sound Composer (Takara and Tamsoft Staff)
  • Battle Arena Toshinden 3 (1996) -- Sound and Music (Tamsoft Development Staff)
  • Puzzle Arena Toshinden (1997) -- Sound Staff (Development Staff)
  • Choro-Q 3 (1998)
  • Guardian's Crusade (1998) -- Sounds (Tamsoft)
  • Battle Arena Toshinden 4 (1999) -- Music Product (Tamsoft Development Staff), Mix Down (Tamsoft Development Staff), Sound Effect Product (Tamsoft Development Staff)
  • Block Kuzushi 2 (2000) -- Music (Tamsoft Staffs), Sound Effects (Tamsoft Staffs)
  • Ore ga Kantoku da!: Gekitou Pennant Race (2000) -- Composition/Arrangement / Production (Sound)

Song CreditsEdit

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