Battle Arena Nitoshinden (にとうしんでん) is a spin-off game released only in Japan featuring super deformed versions of many of the series's characters. The game was to be released in the North America under the name of Toshinden Kids but was canceled. 


The gameplay of Nitoshinden is different from the main series. Each characters' move list has been reduced to 6 attacks; 4 standard attacks, a special attack and a desperation attack. 

The normal attacks roughly correspond to standard Toshinden attacks. There is a hard attack, light attack, low attack and either a medium or 360 degree attack (depending on the character). There is no real combo ability but some attacks can be chained together. 

The game features a different defense system to standard Toshinden games. The side step moves still exist, however blocking of other attacks is now done with a parry button that repels an opponent's attack, stunning them for a short time. 

Areas in Nitoshinden are all school-based locations and feature walled-in arenas, similar to Battle Arena Toshinden 3.


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