Battle Arena Toshinden Remix

BAT-Remix-Cover-US American cover

Developer Tamsoft, Nextech
Publisher Takara
Platform Sega Saturn
Release date

November 24, 1995 (Japan),

March 26, 1996 (North America)

Genre Fighting
Mode Single player, multiplayer
Rating ESRB: Teen
Media CD-ROM

Battle Arena Toshinden Remix, named Toshinden S (闘神伝S) in Japan, is an enhanced port of Battle Arena Toshinden released for the Sega Saturn. 

A few new features were added, including an exclusive new character and a story mode which enables the player to learn a few details about the characters' story backgrounds and the reasons of why they had entered into the tournament.

A "sequel" was later released under the name Battle Arena Toshinden URA, which itself is an enhanced port/exclusive adaptation of Battle Arena Toshinden 2.


Playable CharactersEdit

Unlockable CharactersEdit

New CharacterEdit

  • Cupido - A mysterious woman who speaks with cryptic riddles and messages. Her past is shrouded in mystery and not much is known about her. The "true" final boss in this version.


Battle Arena Toshinden Remix was not as well-received as the PlayStation original. The four reviewers of Electronic Gaming Monthly complained of the fact that the graphics were not improved from the PlayStation version, and felt that the game was overshadowed by the recent release of Battle Arena Toshinden 2. While Rob Allsetter of Sega Saturn Magazine greatly praised the visuals of the game and judged the button configuration to be superior to that of the PlayStation version, he criticized the "slow" gameplay and the limited variety of moves, concluding that Battle Arena Toshinden is "still decent enough, but ... lacks the speed and depth of its more illustrious successors." A reviewer for Next Generation said that the visuals of the Japanese release were not up to par with those of the PlayStation version, and advised Saturn owners to wait for the U.S. release in hopes that Sega of America would fix the graphical shortcomings. Tommy Glide of Gamepro commented that there is not enough additional content in the Saturn version and the graphics do not look as smooth as the PlayStation version's, assessing it as overall "a poor conversion." Rich Leadbetter of Maximum stated that it fails to recreate the graphical effects of the PlayStation original, which he opined were the only saving grace of an extremely dull game. He held the additional character and the PAL conversion's lack of borders to be its only advantages over the PlayStation version.

According to Next Generation, the Saturn release also had "disappointing sales" in Japan, which they attributed to the strong association of the game with the PlayStation (due to the use of the character Ellis in Japanese ads for the PlayStation) and its weak use of the Saturn hardware when compared to Virtua Fighter 2.


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