Battle Arena Toshinden URA (Ultimate Revenge Attack), called Toshinden URA (闘神伝URA) in Japan, is an enhanced port/exclusive adaptation of Battle Arena Toshinden 2 released in 1996 for the Sega Saturn. It is a somewhat sequel to Battle Arena Toshinden Remix while also serving as a gaiden (side-story) game to the main series. It is the second and final game of the series to appear on a Sega system.


Sometime after the events of the first Toshinden game, a police scientist named Ronron creates an android fighter intended for law enforcement, its name being the Replicant. To make the android as strong as possible, its fighting abilities are patterned off the world’s greatest fighter, Sho Shinjo. However, the prototype is stolen just before it can be fully completed. Within time, someone begins murdering famous fighters around the world in a surprising yet shocking manner. With no evidence as to who is behind these murders, the Toshinden fighters grow suspicious of each other. Meanwhile, a mysterious man, known only as Ripper, is seeking Sho Shinjo as his sister (believed to have been Cupido) has disappeared without a trace and Ripper himself believes that Sho may have killed her from within the past. However, every lead Ripper finds takes him to the scene of one of these mysterious murders, leading to him becoming the prime suspect in a shrouded conspiracy that seems to be surrounding him and the rest of the Toshinden fighters.


Returning CharactersEdit

New CharactersEdit

  • Ripper - A mysterious traveler who happens to be the brother of Cupido. He seeks to find the whereabouts of his missing sister.
  • Ronron - A Chinese scientist/teacher who is responsible for the creation of the Repli prototype android. She seeks to find and deactivate her creation.

Unlockable CharactersEdit

  • Replicant - A prototype android created by Ronron. Its original purpose was to be a huge step in the progression of law enforcement, but it was later stolen and reprogrammed by Wolf in order to help assist him from within his own evil schemes. It serves as the sub-boss of the game.
  • Wolf - Ronron's superior, who steals her prototype android Replicant and reprograms it in order to use it for his own evil schemes. He serves as the final boss of the game.


Though based on the original version of Battle Arena Toshinden 2, Battle Arena Toshinden URA has altered gameplay, making it feel notably different. It also has all new arenas, a new story, a different CG intro and four exclusive new characters (Ripper, Ronron, Replicant and Wolf) that replace four of the original version's characters (Gaia, Chaos, Uranus, and Master). Though within the game "URA" is an abbreviation, the word "Ura" also has combat connotations in Japanese.


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