This page features documented cancelled announcements of Battle Arena Toshinden, as announced in the past by Takara.

Toshinden NextEdit

Toshinden Next

Some sketches for Toshinden Next made by Tsukasa Kotobuki.

Revealed in Fourth Quarter 1997, Toshinden Next was an announced prequel installment to the Toshinden series, focusing on the backstory of the prior Toshinden Tournament and the indepth affairs of the Secret Society, the Gerard Foundation, and The Organization that would lead up to the main storyline.

Featured characters would have included:

  • Uranus, who is dating Duke B. Rambert at the time
  • Gaia, who had just been promoted to his executive position
  • Chaos, before his descent into insanity by the S-Project
  • Cupido
  • Amoh, who begins his mission into the Toshinden Tournament
  • Kaede, the wife of Gaia and mother of Ellis and her brother, and the popular candidate for the Uranus executive position
  • Akane, the twin sister of Kaede and maternal aunt of Ellis who tries to adopt her away from Gaia after the accident
  • A younger Duke, who notices Uranus cheating on his father Mitchell to marry into the Rambert Family for their wealth
  • A younger Sofia, who is a spy for the KGB and participates in the Toshinden for a mission
  • A younger Zola, who is in love with Amoh
  • Naru's father, who begins to notice the unethical application of his life's work for the prime agenda of the Secret Society and the Gerard Foundation

A last but unrevealed character is stated to "be from the future", and would reveal "a new threat to the world". An easter egg and sequel hint in Toshinden 4 called Toshinden Next Toshinden Origin, indicating it was still in progress.

Toshinden Wii, late 2000s announcementEdit

An earlier announcement and reveal for Toshinden in the late 2000s for the Wii had a different incarnation than its current day reboot. According to sources, the story would have retconned the story from the 1990s to the 1960s in 1968, and would begin with those of The Organization having all been assassinated by a US Army private named Sergeant Dunn. A new threat would show itself with the coming of a horde of robots, and characters like Ellis and Sofia would have been mysteriously brainwashed to fight for a new antagonist.

Gameplay was also said to be a beat em' up or Dynasty Warriors like game.

The cast would had included:

  • Eiji Shinjo
  • Sergeant Dunn
  • Kayin Amoh
  • Rungo Iron
  • Christopher Iron
  • Sofia
  • Ellis
  • Sho
  • Cupido
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