D-Xhird (ディ・サード), (pronounced "D-third"),  is a 3D weapons-based fighting game developed by Nextech and published by Takara in 1997 for the Sega Saturn. 

It is notable in that one of the characters of the Battle Arena Toshinden series, Eiji Shinjo, made a guest appearance in the game as a hidden character.


Players choose their fighter and fight through the cast in the common fighting game fashion. Players are able to strafe using the Saturn shoulder buttons as well as performing attacks with the strafe command such as grabs and special moves. Depending on the opponent, the arena will either consist of a ring or a cage. Players (and opponents as well) have the ability to avoid falling out of the ring by pressing the jump button just as they are about to fall. Players and enemies alike can also use the walls of a caged arena to deal extra damage on an opponent by knocking them against the cage's walls.


Initially playable charactersEdit


  • Weapon: Cannon blade

The protagonist of the story, Boy is seeking revenge against the assassinations of his mother and lover. Although he knows that their murderers are working for a cult that is seeking him out, he is unaware that they are doing so because he holds an ancient and powerful evil spirit inside him known only as The Shadow.


  • Weapon: Flamberge

Seiya is a young hunter and rival of Boy, who has been hired to eliminate him and, consequentially, the evil force that dwells inside him.


  • Weapon: Scythe


  • Weapon: Kotetsu sword


  • Weapon: Stun baton


  • Weapon: Saber


  • Weapon: Twin chakram

Karen is a schoolgirl and a close friend of Boy, who wants to help him get rid of the ancient evil that lies within him. However, she is being pursued by Kohjin, who believes she is being possessed by the ghost of Boy's deceased lover.


  • Weapon: Tessen


  • Weapon: Twin kodachi

Soatome is an assassin, skilled in various forms of black magic, who works in the same department as Sabrina. However, he also wishes to be the leader of the underground society that seeks out Boy.


  • Weapon: Cannon staff

Unlockable charactersEdit


  • Weapon: Trident


  • Weapon: Razor gauntlets

Shadow Boy

A palette swap of Boy, depicting him as being possessed by the evil force inside him.

Eiji Shinjo

  • Weapon: Byakko katana

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