Eiji bat3
Name: Eiji Shinjo
Weapon: The Treasure of Byakko, a katana
Nationality: Japan
Sex: Male
Height: 5'8 (175cm)
Weight: 140lbs (63kg)
Age: 20 (1996), 21 (1997), 23 (1999)
Blood Type: A
Occupation: 45th Master of the Shinjo-ryu school of Bushido, Adventurer and Traveler
Likes: The times when he can stop atop of a bridge to see the sights and catch the breeze
Dislikes: Cockroaches, anything related to ghosts or demons
Favorite Food: Regional bento, yakitori
Hobbies: Being a tour guide around Aizu
Skilled at: Sports, especially soccer
Most Important: The photo of he and his girlfriend while on vacation, his heritage, his family's home


Father (deceased)


Sho Shinjo (Elder brother)

Emi (Girlfriend)

Toji Shinjo (Son)

A young and brave adventurer, raised in the art of the Shinjo Ryu school of swordsmanship and bushido. He enters the tournament for thrills, but it seems as if that is a front. What is this young man truly looking for?

Eiji Shinjo is the primary protagonist of the Toshinden REDUX series.


From the mountainous regions of Kanto, Japan, in the historic region of Aizu in Fukushima Prefecture, renowned for its samurai throughout the country, lives Eiji Shinjo. Born of noble and legendary blood from the Genji aristocratic families, Eiji is also the youngest master of the Shinjo Ryu school of Bushido, taught to him by his father and eldest brother, Sho. Left fatherless when he was only 6, his only brother taught him the craft while his mother, a renowned seamstress and tailor of traditional Japanese apparel, known for putting the Kyoto Nishijin schools of weaving to shame, supported them through their lives along with the family fortune.

But when he was 17, Sho immediately vanished after challenging him to a duel, and mysteriously bequeathed him the title of Master in the school. Completely shocked and left without any reasons for his departure, her mother soon spoke the truth behind the events of Sho and his father's death. Eiji then took off into the world, searching for him for over two years in underworld fighting circuits and martial arts societies, but did not find any trace of his whereabouts.

Upon two years after his venture, a mysterious man and woman, formally dressed in black, came to his training halls after his last class. Bearing invitations to the Toshinden Tournament, Eiji initially declined, until the invitees mentioned the registration of "a certain Sho Shinjo". Hearing the name of his eldest brother, Eiji immediately accepted the invitation in attempts to finally confront him.


Fighting StyleEdit

Moveset ListEdit

Rekkuzan (lit. Dividing Air Slash):

Koushoumurakumo (lit. Shining Gathering Clouds)

Kiku Hishouzan (lit. Chrysanthemum Flying Slash): Eiji immediately ducks, before spinning to gain momentum and slashing upwards, finishing with his blade in his hands twirling horizontally.

Sakura Hishouzan (lit. Cherry Blossom Flying Slash):

Hanabi-Bakuharetsuzan (lit. Fire Flower Explosive Bursting Slash): Eiji ducks and turns with his blade in his hands pointed at the opponent, before he instantaneously rises for a flying slash.

Egashira Hijiatemi

Mukurowari (lit. Body Splitter): Eiji immediately leaps forward and front flips, before landing as his katana cuts vertically.

Senuumakeru: (lit. Flash Horse Kick)

Focus AttacksEdit


Byakkomon no Tenchuten (lit. Zenith of Byakko's Gate)

Soul Bomb AttacksEdit

Niyyoukou (lit. Sunlight)

Enen Yamatodamashii (lit. Blazing Yamato Soul)

Takamagahara no Torii

Hyashii Jushuu Ken (lit. Sword of One Hundred Beast's Violence)

Hotarugunha No Taihatsu (lit. Firefly Army of the Blade's Inner Release)

Ultimate Revenge AttackEdit

Shin Byakkomon

Byakko no O-nakigouzansuru (White Tiger Great Banishing Roar)

Shinjo-ryu no Yojuugodai Kuntenki Ougi (45th Grandmaster of the Shinjo School's Inheriting Technique)