Kayin bat3
Name: Kayin Amoh
Weapon: Caliburn, otherwise known as the famed sword Excalibur
Nationality: UK/English- Scottish
Sex: Male
Height: 178cm
Weight: 64kg
Age: 20 (1996), 21 (1997), 23 (1999)
Blood Type: AB
Occupation: Independent Singer and guitarist, undercover bounty hunter and hitman
Likes: Automobiles, anything that has to do with vehicles of any kind
Dislikes: Meat, especially lamb
Favorite Food: Vegetarian dishes, especially with onions
Hobbies: Reading, mechanics and shop, attending automobile shows
Skilled at: Guitar, fixing vehicles
Most Important: The times when he can meditate and forget about the world in the arms of nature, Naru, his foster daughter, his family's heirloom, Caliburn


Father (deceased, assassinated)

Mother (deceased, childbirth)

Amoh (adoptive father, deceased)

Naru (foster daughter)

Moveset ListEdit

  • Sonic Slash
  • Elf-shot
  • Deadly Glories
  • Black Hound
  • Rainbow Dawn
  • Dover Uplift
  • Scotland Moon
  • Diresign Comet

Opportunity ArtsEdit

  • Black Striker
  • Rainbow Splash
  • Gaelbolg Slash

Soul Bomb ArtsEdit

  • Annwn Malestrom
  • Unseelie Midnight
  • Hell's Gate
  • Arondight Breaker
  • Rainbow Stream

Ultimate Revenge AttackEdit

  • Hell's Inferno
  • Black Barguist
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