Rungo bat3
Name: Rudy "Rungo" Iron
Weapon: An iron wrought club, custom made for his weight training
Nationality: United States - Colorado
Sex: Male
Height: 196 cm
Weight: 92.6 kg
Age: 29 (1996), 30 (1997), 32 (1999)
Blood Type: A
Occupation: B&B Owner, General Store Owner, former Hollywood actor
Likes: Comics, Fiction Novels, a brisk clean morning
Dislikes: Pollution, especially if it's coming from cities
Favorite Food: Buffalo meat dishes
Hobbies: Sightseeing, hiking, camping, catching up on professional sports leagues finals tournaments
Skilled at: Weightlifting, mountain climbing, baseball
Most Important: His family, the times when he can get together with his friends for a drink


Lila (Wife)

Christopher (Son)

Tiffany (Daughter)

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