The Secret Society, also known as the Himitsu Kessha is an underworld cabal and social network central to the world of the Battle Arena Toshinden series.


A group of individuals whose existence ties in heavily with the Gerard Foundation, the Secret Society was founded in late 15th Century Europe by a man known as Sir Gerard, who created both the Gerard Foundation and the Secret Society for his purpose of "The creation and establishment of an ideal state". Shadowy and ultimately obscured in the darkness of history, Sir Gerard was said to have gathered his followers and enacted his ideals through his foundation into the current day.

Even into the criminal underworld, the Secret Society itself is an urban rumor among urban rumors. Secretive and in the utmost control of even the smallest ounce of knowledge pertaining to its existence, it is this dedication to secrecy that they are willing to silence any and utilize their resources to leave the world unknown of its existence. As such, to even to those who carry knowledge of the Secret Society, letting such information out even casually is a death wish.

Essentially ruling over modern day society and its infrastructure, the Secret Society enjoys nearly unlimited riches and wealth, as well as control over the flow of world resources and the economy. However, despite even massive influence over even politics and governments the world over, they do not experience complete control over free will and the unpredictability of human nature.

As such, despite their goals of "The creation and establishment of an ideal state", such a lofty ideal is said to have fallen from grace, with some of those of the Secret Society hoping to enact this longlived vision with fear and force over the world, and in the face of inaction and economic stagnation against the rise of power by "those whom the world must be protected against."


  • Eyewitness to symbols of the Secret Society claim that their insignia is that of a cross; a elongated "8", with a simple horizontal line through the intersecting portion. Though it is virtually unidentifiable to that of the Christian cross, variations are said to be seen on the clothes of Chaos' pants, and it marking the arena of Master in Battle Arena Toshinden 2.
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