Leon's Cutlass from Battle Arena Toshinden 3

The 'Skull Stalker is Leon's weapon of choice. It appears to be a cutlass like saber, with its pommel topped with a large skull, making it useful for added force and blunt attacks.


The cutlass is best known as the sailor's weapon of choice, the naval side arm, likely because it was robust enough to hack through heavy ropes, canvas, and wood. It was also short enough to use in relatively close quarters, such as during boarding actions, in the rigging, or below decks. Another advantage to the cutlass was its simplicity of use. The cutlass required less training than the rapier or small sword, and was more effective as a close-combat weapon than the full sized sword. The cutlasses portrayed in films set during the Golden Age of Piracy (1650-1720s) are often anachronistic 19th century weapons.

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