Sofia bat3
Name: Sofia
Weapon: Whip
Nationality: Russia
Sex: Female
Height: 172.5cm
Weight: 50kg
Age: 24 (Battle Arena Toshinden)

25 (Battle Arena Toshinden 2) 26 (Battle Arena Toshinden 3)

Blood Type: A
Occupation: Private Detective
Family: Mother

Younger Sister

Appears in: Battle Arena Toshinden

Battle Arena Toshinden 2

Battle Arena Toshinden 3

Toshinden Card Quest

Puzzle Arena Toshinden

Battle Arena Toshinden Remix

Battle Arena Toshinden URA: Ultimate Revenge Attack


Sofia (София) is a fictional, playable character in the first three installments of the Battle Arena Toshinden video game series. She is a very well endowed Russian, whip-wielding private detective and a friend of Eiji Shinjo.

Character HistoryEdit

Sofia had entered the first Toshindabukai in the hopes of finding some clues to her own shrouded and mysterious past, due to the fact that she was suffering from an unknown amnesia, but she had eventually learned from Gaia that her memory had been tampered with by the Himitsu Kessha. Shocked yet angry, Sofia had left the tournament in an instant. She had been told of the life she once had, but nothing could equal a true memory and because of this, she was full of sorrow.

When Sofia had learned that another fighter was suffering from the same fate as her (Chaos), she had entered the second Toshindabukai in the hopes of saving them and although she was unsuccessful in her mission, the Himitsu Kessha had soon fallen, giving Sofia some relief and comfort.

After the events of the second tournament, Sofia had soon discovered the existence of the criminal organization known as the Soshiki, and had become allured by one of their goals, being the "rebirth of humans through magic", which oddly resonated with her, and especially to her pains of not knowing her true past. She then soon entered the third tournament when she learned that she had been targeted by the Soshiki and was confronted by an assassin in the form of her old whip-wielding rival; the Austrian catwoman Zola. During the tournament, Sofia eventually came to realize that the Soshiki's goals were ultimately flawed by their use of horrific rituals and human sacrifice, killed Zola in combat, and after hearing of the Soshiki's fall, retired from fighting for good. Even though she realizes that she'll never gain back her old memories, Sofia is determined to create new memories so that she can throw away her personal sorrow and embrace true happiness.

Game AppearanceEdit

Sofia appears to have a long blonde hair which is tied in a high ponytail, white skinned, blue eyes and very large breasts.

From Battle Arena Toshinden and Battle Arena Toshinden 2 she wears a black sleeveless leotard, leg and arm warmers and black high heels.

In Battle Arena Toshinden 3, her outfit is a revealing gold and black leotard with a matching cross straps that covers her large breasts. She also have another black and gold straps on her thigh and her feet and the right one on her leg as well as both of her arms and wears black high heels with black and gold wraps on both of her ankles. Her alternate appearance of her primary outfit has minor changes and the color of her leotard changed from black to red.

In the opening scene and her in-game appearance, the straps on Sofia's leotard are horizontal to cover her large breasts instead of being cross straps.

In the OVA version, Sofia is seen wearing a dark blue and off-pink loose turtleneck shirt with number '200' imprinted at the center of her shirt and dark blue lines in both sides of her long sleeves , black cycling shorts, off-pink socks and brown sandals. This outfit where she meets Eiji after he beats the kids in a soccer game off-screen until she assassinates him at night. During her assassination attempt on Eiji while in Uranus' mind control and fighting against a cloned Sho after Eiji frees her, she is later seen wearing a dark gray leotard with black leathered long sleeves, dark gray leg warmers in both of her legs and black high heels.

Her alternate costume in Battle Arena Toshinden 3 has her wearing a purple revealing dress which is shows her cleavage as the short skirt of her dress reaches to her right knee, purple warmers and black high heels. She also wears a purple choker on her neck to match her outfit.

Battle Arena Toshinden 3 EndingEdit

The Organization hid its ruthless ambition behind fine sounding slogans about creating a new and ideal world, but Sofia will never forget the tragedy it caused. She fought bravely against the Organization, accepting the burden of her destiny.

During battle, she found something no one will ever be able to change - trust between friends and the loyalty that comes from overcoming hardships together. She will never regain the memories she has lost, but the warmth in her heart is more important to her than any memory from her stolen past.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Youko Teppouzuka (Toshinden 1, Toshinden Remix, Toshinden 2) (Japanese)
  • Beth Kaufman (Toshinden, Toshinden Remix) (English)
  • Yumi Touma (Toshinden URA, Toshinden 3, Puzzle Arena Toshinden, Toshinden Card Quest, OVA) (Japanese)
  • Debbie Rabbai (OVA) (English)

Move ListsEdit

Sofia's signature moves are focused on her whip by whiplashes her opponent as well as kicking her opponents along with her whip.

Special AttacksEdit

  • Thunder Ring: Sofia shoots a lightning projectile to her opponent with her whip. She can also hit her opponent in mid-air.
  • Aurora Revolution: Sofia does a spinning kick along with her whip to her opponent in a lightning flash.
  • Jewelry Kick: Sofia does a reverse somersault kick to her opponent.
  • Rattlesnake: Sofia unleashes a series of whips to her opponent in five hits.


  • Facination: Sofia taunts her opponent while setting herself in her chi and unleashes a multiple spinning kicks to her opponent if it connects. Can be used if her Overdrive meter is full. It also has a poor recovery time when her opponent avoids this move during taunt.

Secret MoveEdit

  • Salamander: Sofia heavily whips her opponent in a lightning fashion and unleashes a series of whips several times in a flash of lightning.

Desperation MoveEdit

  • Call me Queen (also known as Whiplash Spin in the first game): Sofia damages her opponent with a powerful spinning whip. Can be used if her health meter is flashy red. If it connects, it causes heavy damage but when attacking on her farther opponent it causes weak damage.


  • Sofia's whip is named Krasnya Burya. When translated into English, it means "Red Tempest."
  • Nina Williams of Tekken bears a resemblance to Sofia. They also have the fact they both wish to recover their lost memories in common.
  • The same applies to Street Fighter character Cammy, who is also an amnesiac and seeks her lost memories.