Name: Tau
Weapon: Large Broadsword
Nationality: Brazil
Sex: Male
Height: 211cm
Weight: 89kg
Age: 45
Blood Type: AB
Occupation: Tribesman
Family: Atahua (adopted son)
Appears in: Battle Arena Toshinden 3

Tau is a character in the third installment of the Battle Arena Toshinden video game series. He made his first and only appearance in Battle Arena Toshinden 3, as an unlockable counterpart to Gaia, with a similar moveset to him.


Tau is a Brazilian tribesman who seeks to be at one with nature. As a seasoned fighter, Tau knows everything about battling, but rarely fights unless provoked or challenged. Also, as a close friend to Atahua's father, Tau is quite very determined to make sure that Atahua is okay and well from within his own personal time.

After the unexpected and unfortunate deaths of Atahua's parents, Tau had taken him in and became both his adoptive father and mentor. Teaching and training Atahua on how to fight and defend himself in combat, Tau was very determined to make sure and see to it that Atahua could learn on how to fight and battle at any given time and moment so that he could know of his own true strength and potential. Besides that, Tau was also very determined to help Atahua restore their tribe's ancient empire, which had fallen many centuries ago and even though he knows full well that restoring the empire could never happen, Tau was always determined to make sure that Atahua was completely satisfied from within his own personal attempts.

One day, Atahua had came to Tau and told him that a man named Abel had promised him the restoration of their tribe's empire if they were to participate in the third Toshindaibukai as assassins of the Soshiki and help eliminate a couple of specific fighters. While Tau was initially and personally skeptic about what Abel was really up to, he had decided to go along with Atahua to the third Toshindaibukai in order to see on what was happening and transpiring at the moment.

During the tournament, Tau had found himself battling against his specific target, who happened to be Gaia (a former member of the Himitsu Kessha). From within the battle, Tau had saw and realized that Gaia wasn't fighting for just his survival, but also to defend and protect his own daughter Ellis (who was fighting against Atahua during the time of the match itself). Realizing and understanding now that he could never win against Gaia, Tau had forfeited his match to Gaia and left the tournament along with Atahua (who forfeited his match to Ellis as well). Now back in South America, Tau seeks to continue his peaceful life with Atahua while being in one with nature itself.

Move ListsEdit

Special MovesEdit

  • Dragon's Breath
  • Eagle Beak

Overdrive MovesEdit

  • Eagle Fang

Desperation MovesEdit

  • Eagle Fire


The name "Tau" is also a name of a greek letter (Τ) despite him being Brazilian.


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